Benefits of Porcelain Tile Installation Services

Porcelain tiles are also referred to as ceramic tiles. These are tiles that are usually used to cover the walls and floors of your houses. These tiles have less than 0.5 percent of water absorption rate. However porcelain tiles are usually fired at higher temperatures vis-à-vis ceramic tiles and so they are less porous compared to their ceramic counterpart. They can have a shiny or an unglazed appearance. Though it is costly as compared to the ceramic tiles yet it offers several benefits vis-à-vis the other tiles that are available in the market. Moreover flooring done by porcelain can tolerate heavy foot traffic both at the commercial and residential premises while it is known for its charming color and beauty at the same time. It is commonly used for functional and decorative properties because of its attributes.

There is a hard finish or a wear layer that covers the porcelain tile. This tile is very strong and comes in a variety of designs and shades. Porcelain has become a popular choice with many due it being more porous, harder and water resistant vis-à-vis other tiles.

Here are a few benefits of the porcelain tiling for you to note down.

  • Porcelain is resistant to frost as well as frost-proof.
  • It is much denser and harder than other ceramic flooring materials.
  • This is a tile which is resistant to moisture, scratch and stain.
  • Since porcelain tile is quite hard, it is less likely to get scratched and is appropriate for commercial premises where there is a lot of foot traffic, for instance in airports and malls.
  • Porcelain comes in a wide range of textures, designs and colors and thus is a versatile material.
  • Porcelain tiling on your floors looks extremely attractive.
  • Its hardness also ensures that it is durable.
  • Installation of porcelain tiles is quite easy even in areas with high foot traffic.
  • Maintenance of porcelain tile flooring is quite easy.
  • Porcelain tiles are resistant to harsh chemicals as well as fire.

If you are looking for porcelain tile flooring services for your home or your commercial space at Florida, make sure you are making a wise choice while selecting the service provider. A professional tile flooring contractor Florida like KG Marble Designers Inc will use the state-of the-art technology and experienced contractors who can render you the finest installation services at reasonable cost. A reputed facility will provide installation services for both commercial and residential projects.

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