Simple Tips to Clean Tile Floors

Tile floors are considered as one of the best options for a luxury fitting in every home. The reasons behind this include durability, easy installation, waterproof in nature, low in maintenance and availability of a variety of styles.

To keep your tile flooring look new as ever, few cleaning tips must be applied. These tips can be easily carried out as per your convenience.

1. Clean The Floors Regularly

Cleaning the tile floors regularly will maintain its look and excellent finish. This is because, if you wait until the floors get dirty you will have to use strong chemicals. This, in turn, degrades the tiles and makes it lose its glossy finish. To avoid this from happening, you can use basic cleaning tips on a regular basis. Some of them are:


  • Sweep the floor daily – daily sweeping of the tile floor will help in removing dust and dirt. Make use of a fluffy dust mop instead of a straw broom, as it will damage the flooring.
  • Mop with lukewarm water – mopping the floor regularly with lukewarm water will help remove the settled dirt and dust, without harming its shine and texture.
  • Dry it up instantly – in order to avoid new dirt from settling on the tile flooring, you should dry the floor instantly after you have damp mopped it.
  • Wipe down spills immediately – if your tile floors experience accidental spills such as pet litter, juice, etc. use a disinfectant or a floor cleaner to wipe it down. In the case of water spill, don’t let it stay on the floor, wipe it down using an absorbing cloth.
  • Place door mats both inside and outside – during the rain and snowy season, we tend to enter our home with dirty shoes. In order to avoid this, the best option is to place doormats both inside as well as outside of your home. This maintains the cleanliness of your tile floors.

2. Make Use Of Deep Cleansers

If your tile floor still looks shabby even after mopping with warm water, then make use of deep cleansers. This help in removing tough stains without affecting the beauty of your tile floors. Here, are a few easy to use deep floor cleaners that will do the work for you:

Use white vinegar – vinegar acts as a citrus component that helps in removing tough stains. You can mix 1/2 cup of vinegar with one gallon of lukewarm water and mop the floor.
Use dish detergent – you can also make use of dish detergent for removing tough stains.
Use scouring powder – scouring powder when mixed with lukewarm water helps to remove stubborn spot stains.

3. Apply Grout Cleaning

Grout gives your tiles a new and refined look. The best way to clean the grout is with the help of baking soda and water mixture. Applying this mixture on the dirty grout will help in removing tough stains and make it look brighter.

Using these simple cleaning tips will maintain your tile floors for years to come. Kg Marble Designs is a well-known tile installer in Broward County. Regarding tile installation or similar issues, you can contact us at 561-601-6653 

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