Eco Friendly Kitchen Countertops

The most attractive kitchen improvement is reinstallation of kitchen countertops, the area that is prone to the maximum wear and tear and stains. While you are considering the various countertop ideas, think about doing something worthwhile for our planet too. So why not go green on your kitchen counter tops. Environment friendly counter tops materials are available for any kind of budget.

What’s green? Green kitchen countertops materials include recycled materials, low-toxic binders, manufacturing processes that are environment friendly, or combinations of two or more. But it is important thing is to choose something that is durable, to enable your pocket to go green as well.

Here are the options for a green, yet elegant kitchen countertop.


Recycled glass slabs are better alternatives to use as kitchen countertops than natural stones. Fragmented pieces of old glass bottles, windows , plates and utensils are mixed in resins or cement binders. Depending on the color and design the glass sheets are good imitations of expensive natural stones.


Recycled paper is bound by water based , petroleum free resins to make it heat and water resistant. It is further strengthened to resist moisture and stain by sealing with mineral oil.Paper composites can be as tough as laminates without carrying the danger of formaldehyde. This strong material can be worked upon by wood-sculpting tools.It is the newest eco-friendly material to be used as kitchen counter tops.


Though some people swear by butcher’s blocks, but bamboos seen to be a better substitute, being more sustainable. Trees take time to grow after being harvested, and we consume faster than their growth. Bamboos meanwhile, is a kind of grass, that grows faster than trees and do not die after harvest. Another eco-friendly option would be reclaimed wood, that means the wood obtained from old, deserted homes. This wood is FSC-CERTIFIED. Which means the Forestry Stewardship Council assures that the wood is not obtained from cutting trees.


For the people who prefer the ‘steel’ professional look in their kitchen, recycled aluminum should be the choice of material for kitchen countertops. Recycled aluminum shaving is mixed with acrylic resin to make this material is heat resistant. Unlike the processing of steel which creates a lot of pollution recycled aluminum is environment friendly and a durable tough material.

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