How To Get Your Floors Ready For The Holidays

Holidays are coming in no time and you’ll have guests spilling in with festive spirit.
You need to get things organized to keep it all running efficiently at yet look good, when the visitors start pouring in.

The falls are the best time to get your floors repaired.It is really best to start thinking two months in advance if you are planning for flooring replacement and be ready, stress free,for the holiday footfalls.

Repairing the existing flooring is less expensive than replacing it, and easier too. With proper maintenance and inspection of the scratching of hardwood floors, dirty and stained carpets, chipped and broken tiles, you can keep your floors in great condition. Getting help of a professional floor maintenance service provider will guarantee the job is done efficiently without damaging your floors.

Common repairs include fixing squeaky boards,stains, scratches, broken tiles, discoloration,and water damages.To prevent from getting them replaced,repair the damages before they get worse. For, hardwood floor and tiled floor installation is a long ,tedious and often an expensive process.

The following tips might help you to get your floors ready before the holiday seasons.


Get your carpets vacuum cleaned at least once a week to rid them of dirt, dust, and pollutants to maintain their aesthetic appeal.A month before the holidays, you get a professional cleaner to ensure that your carpet is in its glorious health before your guests come in.

Vinyl and Laminated Floors

Since these kind of floorings are easier to maintain extra effort, other than the regular brushing and mopping regime should be enough to prepare them for your holiday . Make sure it is done to avoid any dust build up. Find some cleaners that do not contain harsh chemicals or go for home remedies like, mixing vinegar with water for a deeper cleaning.


Tile flooring required regular cleaning too. Wet cleaning to wipe to spills and splashes, and dry cleaning to get rid of dust and dirt is enough to get your tiles shining. Pay extra attention to the corners and hard to reach places. You can use cleaning agents to get them free of grime.

Hardwood Floors

If you have hardwood flooring for home, you should clean regularly with a wood cleaner , prior to holidays use some finish to keep it shining . Placing rugs and doormats near the entrances would help in gathering the dirt before reaching your floor.

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