Kitchen Backsplash Installation – Mistakes To Avoid

If you are thinking about remodeling your kitchen and worrying about the cost, you can try changing the kitchen backsplash instead.While thinking about the materials for a new backsplash, go for the ones which are water, stain and heat resistant and are easy to clean. Glazed ceramic tile is the best option, but you can also use stone and mosaic tiles. Cork, wallpaper and recycled wooden floors are other innovative materials.

Putting up a kitchen backsplash is a DIY project .It can transform the atmosphere in your kitchen and can be soothing or dramatic, modern and contemporary to traditional and rustic. It can be the pallette of your imagination. But do not underestimate the planning required for this task. Improper planning can make is a disaster and your biggest mistake in remodeling your kitchen.

Here are the Mistakes to be Avoided while Installing a Kitchen Backsplash:

Mistake #1
Inaccurate measurement

At the first glance the kitchen wall may seem just flat and rectangular, but when you consider the outlets or the window shelf – it needs some measuring. Measure every curve and corner you are running into over the counter tops, before cutting the stones and tiles.

Mistake #2
Incorrect color choice

Backsplashes are meant to complement your counter tops and cabinets and not clash with them. The backsplash should not be an eye sore. Choose the color of your tiles to create your preferred design or pattern, that go well with the rest of your kitchen. The pattern should use the kitchen and natural lighting and making it pleasant place to be in.

Mistake #3
Ignoring details

Pay attention to the details of installation of your backsplash, so that water does not seep through it,destroying the cabinets and the wiring. Lines of the tiles should be aligned properly to avoid looking clumsy.

Mistake #4
Underestimating time

Installation of backsplash is not an over-the-weekend project.Proper installation can take more than just a weekend.Plan the process, measure the walls, check the materials, tools and equipments that you may need for installation.Get on with the job, once you think you are ready to invest your time and patience.Once you begin,it is better to finish it as soon as possible,as without the backsplash your kitchen walls lie vulnerable to all that heat and moisture.

Mistake #5
Not following instructions

Like cooking, installation of any kind requires instructions to be followed for proper and faster completion of the job. Give adequate drying times, use proper sealants. If you hurry too much and skip one or any part of the process,it may backlash and you might have to redo it!

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