How to Install Limestone Tile Step by Step

Limestone is a soft rock which was formed from small particles of rock that had been formed in a compacted form by pressure inside the earth. Geologist termed this as a “sedimentary rock” which basically contains carbonate of lime or magnesia to the extent of 50% of the whole. This rock is extracted from the queries and formed into shape in various sizes (in rectangular or square tiles) and given initial polish for decorative purposes especially in flooring.

Following are the step by step of lime floor installing:

  • Measurement
  • After measuring the floor area ( of installation ) center line is to be drawn. A chalk line is to be snapped down this line as a marking. In case of the floor, the wall is to be located furthest from the entrance door of the room by marking the centre line from this point across the floor to the opposite wall. In case of installation in the wall the centre line is to be marked vertically from top to bottom.

    its porosity and softness, it should be installed with great care as it could be stained and broken in rough handling.

    Though various Limestone tile flooring services are available in the market, few tips are advised as guidance.

  • Laying out :
  • Limestone tiles can be laid either directly on the area of installation or in an area of equal size and shape. Different colored tiles can be picked up from various boxes and can be mixed together while lying to blend the colors of the stone. Some stones have characteristic fossilized marks which could be placed in areas to make a heterogeneous textural design according to the choice. Unappealing tiles can be used on the edges of installation to utilize the space.

    In most cases , Backer board ( a thin layer of concrete with fibre glass mesh on both sides) is used as a setting surface prior to installation of tiles. These baker boards are specially designed of sizes 3×5 foot sheets. Backer board sheets can be cut with a utility knife after initial scoring and can be snapped.

  • Application of Mortar:
  • A mixture is to be made by pouring water in a standard bucket such that the water level is not more than 1 inch, and then powder is to be added and is to be stirred with a paddle mixture to get the right consistency of the paste. The setting time ( slaking) is approximately 10 minutes before application.

  • Setting the tiles :
  • The thin setting is to be laid with the help of a trowel. Excess should be sponged out till it dries.

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