Prepare Yourself For New Floor

Once you have decided that you will do wooden flooring, it is important to keep in mind certain points during installation and also how to maintain it. Wooden flooring are very common these days , at the same it is very easy to maintain. Wooden flooring will give you a timeless look .

Here are some tips that will help you to prepare yourself for the new floor:

Before installation :

It is important to clear the flooring before installing the wooden slabs. It is best to contact a professional floor installer. There are plenty of tile flooring companies which are available in the market , choose one which has a good track record. One of them is floor installation service Florida. Once you have decided your installer call them up so that they can come inspect your house and give you a budget.

The installer will decide on which direction he will lay his planks first according to the direction of the floor . It is important to keep a gap in the between the floor and the wall about 1/4th inch

After installation:

Once the wooden flooring is installed it is important to keep it rest for around 48 hours that will allow the flooring to expand and contract . The ideal room temperature should be 60-80 degree Fahrenheit. Sometimes crack may appear in the floor but that will be common during the season change. If the humidity level decreases the wood will release moisture that will lead to shrink or gap.


Wooden flooring needs through maintenance . Using floor cleaner which is suitable for the wooden floor is important . It is important to wipe water or any kind of spillages immediately otherwise it will leave a mark and your floor may look dull. To avoid scratches it is advisable not to slide the furniture from one place to another. It is important to use humidifier throughout the winter months.

Placing of Rugs, Mats in the flooring:

Always put rugs, mats in the wooden floor which give your flooring a new look. There is various kind of rugs and mattresses are available in the market. Choose one which suits your style. These give a protection to your flooring. Avoid plastic kind of mats ,often discoloration happens due to this kind of mats. Jute mats are best to use.

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