Pros & Cons of Kitchen Countertop

A proper countertop is very essential for any kitchen. You do lot of kitchen works in your countertop, like cutting, kneading, slicing etc. For all these works the countertop needs to be very strong, durable at the same time stylish. There are various kinds of countertops available in the market made with different materials.

Here are some tips about the pros and cons of Kitchen Countertop :

  • Marble
  • Marble are classic timeless and elegant. It is suitable for both modern and old style kitchen. There are two varieties of marble Carrara and Calacatta . Carrara is more light and delicate , while the Calacatta is of rarer variety which is much more bold with defined strokes.

    Marble are bit expensive and it is difficult to maintain. If some lemon drops which is very acidic drops on the countertop and not cleaned, it will leave a mark which will be difficult to remove. Since the material of marble is soft it can chip off very easily.

  • Wood
  • Wood countertops are cheaper. It has a solid surface which is hard and durable makes it easier for work. It provides a warm surface and it looks classic in cottage type and traditional kind of homes.

    Wood requires monthly maintenance. It should be cleaned with beewax or waterproof varnishes like Waterlox. It is not resistant to heat so use of hot pads is necessary. If water is spilled it should be immediately cleaned otherwise it can damage the surface.

  • Granite
  • Granite counter tops are the most popular choice for the home makers for years. It has got a bright look which gives a shining effect. These are very durable, strong . Because of its durability it is heat resistant and at the same time it is very easy to maintain.

    Granite can be difficult to remove once it is fixed. It is very expensive also. Regular sealing is required.

  • Concrete
  • The demand of concrete countertops are increasing day by day because of its hard and durable nature. Concrete is suitable for all kinds of home and it is completely custom. Most important is it is scratch resistant . Since it is made with heterogeneous components so light variations of color and texture can be expected.

    Seasonal cracks can happen may happen which is very common but it won’t harm the overall look and feel of the countertop

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