Selecting a Shower Tile

There are two distinct functions that are performed by shower riles. Not only do they add to the décor of a bathroom, they also help in safeguarding the dry wall from the damage of moisture. There are several ways in which wall tiles can be used, from shower murals to borders. There are different factors that determine what you select such as maintenance in the future, the tile material, and not to forget, the color scheme. Many-a-times the design of your shower also determines what type of tile has to be used for the shower. For instance, if there is a curved shower bench in your washroom, you have to install a smaller tile. Very few people know that if mosaic or glass tile is used, it is the retailer’s or manufacturer’s responsibilitys to communicate whether a particular tile is apt for being used in the pool or for submersion. The manufacturer should also mention what type of setting materials you will require.

These are a few tips what will help you in deciding what tiles you should chose for your shower.

  • Tiles of smaller size should be used on the curves – Based on the design of your shower bench; you may require tiles of smaller size for the curves. This is because tiles of smaller size can handle curves in a much better manner.  Ideally you should ensure the availability of the tile onsite before designing the shower bench so that the angle of the natural arcs and curves can be taken care of easily.
  • Carefully choose mosaic tiles for shower – You should select a mosaic tile that can provide 95 percent contact to the backer board. The contact is required from the wall to the mosaic tile. One should not simply trust the glue behind a tile sheet.
  • Small colored  glass is better  than large sized clear glass- Glass is a difficult material to work with, Moisture can sometimes get trapped behind clear glass and can transform a good shower into an awful one after using for a few times. Thus selecting a smaller sized color glass tile makes a better sense.
  • If you are seeking for a reliable .shower tile installation services in or around Royal Palm Beach, then it is imperative that you hire the services of a good tile flooring company Royal Palm Beach. A service provider like KG Marble Designs Inc. will provide you the perfect solution for your shower tile flooring so that you are always assured of solutions for shower tile flooring of the finest quality.

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