How Can we Choose Eco-Friendly Hardwood Floors

How can you balance your ethics and your aesthetics? Does your conscience go against you when you try to buy hardwood floors? Do you have a strong opinion about whether to install hardwood floors? Do you want to use sustainable, eco-friendly materials in your home?

To help you answer some of the above questions, here are some eco-friendly tips for choosing eco-friendly hardwood floors.

Stay Local To You

Do a little research and find a supplier that harvests and replants trees in your city, state or province. This way, you can ensure for every tree that is felled for flooring, one is also replaced or planted.

Know your resources!

If you can buy your hardwood from a supplier that sources its lumber from a sustainably managed forest, then biodiversity can be conserved.

Pattern planking

This is a technique of creating hardwood flooring using as much of the tree as possible. Waste is minimized and the wood available from each tree is maximized. This method means that fewer trees will be harvested to create your floor. In addition, the trees used in your hardwood flooring will be replaced with new plantings.

Pop the Cork:

Did you know that the material that caps your wine bottles, cork, is actually considered a softwood? Cork is an excellent choice because it is a naturally elastic material, making floors comfortable to walk and stand on for long periods of time. In addition, cork wood provides insulation to heat and sound. It is also hypo-allergenic and fire-resistant.

Cork also naturally “bounces back” after dents or scratches are left on the floor. As someone concerned for the environment it is good news that cork comes from the bark of the cork oak tree, and it grows back.


More and more builders, like Chinese Pandas do, are turning to the bamboo. It is 27% harder than red oak wood and 13% harder than maple wood, which are traditional hardwoods. Bamboo lasts longer and can withstand more use than regular hardwood floors.

They are naturally water resistant, repel mildew and insects, and best of all they are very sustainable, growing back quickly.

Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood – reused and recycled wood involves reusing flooring, planks or wood from another home. This can add character in many rooms, and avoid chopping trees down.

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