Tips For Choosing the Perfect Kitchen Floor

Kitchen is the most important place in any house. It is the place you where you spend your time cooking delicious food for your friends and family. Now-a- day’s open kitchen are very common. In some homes open kitchen are big enough that will accommodate dining table where you can cook and serve the food immediately to your family members and friends. Kitchen is the place where throughout the day lot of activities takes place. So it is to have a very durable flooring that can withstand all the traffic throughout the day.

Here are some tips for choosing the Perfect Kitchen Floor :

Ceramic Tile –

These are very easy to maintain durable and also less expensive. It is available in various colors. Choose the color according to your style and background of the walls. It is important to place a mat on the floor that will protect you from accidental slips.

Porceline Tile –

Porcelain are more durable than the ceramic tiles . They are frost proof, scratch resistant and at the same time moisture resistant. At the same time it is very strong and long lasting. Poreceline tile are available in wide variety of colors.

Laminate Tile –

It is resistant to mold and bacteria. It can resemble the look of wood, stone etc in a much lower cost. It is anti scratch resistant and it can be fitted easily in an existent tile. But in these kind of tiles the life span is shorter .

Hardwood Tile –

Hardwood tiles are evergreen. They are classy and elegant. The main feature of this kind of tile is it is very durable and strong. It requires lesser maintenance and it could be cleaned with regular detergent and wet cloth. But prolonged heat is not good for the surface so hot pad should be used as and when required. This kind of tile is suitable for both old and modern decor.

Vinyle Tile –

It is one of the most affordable tile. It is available in wide range of colors and at the same time very strong and durable and can last upto 15-20 years. It requires very low maintenance, just regular mopping and cleaning is sufficient. It is scratch resistant and stain proved. Vinyl can be fitted to existent flooring without the need of demolishing. It is available in various colors.

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