Tips For New Look of Your Home This New Year

With New Year round the corner, you must be busy freshening up your looks, buying clothes and cosmetics to keep up with the holiday spirits. A new look, a new start for another new year. So what have you thought about the place you live in? Your own home might need a new look too. Freshening, decorating and remodeling your home would certainly add on to the holiday mood, and it need not burn a hole in your pocket.

Here are a few tips that might help you refresh your space and yourself.


Organize your home. Clutters make your home look old and dirty and make it difficult to find the things in times of need. Get rid of things you have not used in the last one year, you will not be using them anyway. Give away old books and magazines, clothes and tools. Recycle paper and wood lying in your attic, gathering dust. Empty the drawers and cabinets. Rearranging your furniture would also give a fresh new look to your home.


Cleaning the house certainly would give it a new, fresh look and make it welcoming. Clean the bathrooms from mold growth. Get rid of mineral buildups and soap scum. Dazzle your kitchen by cleaning the counter tops of grease and grime, and the floors of stains. Make it odorless. In the bedrooms, de-junk the closets, use fresh linen, fresh curtains. Clean the doors and windows and the ceiling from cobwebs and dust. The living room and entrances should look welcoming and warm. Vacuum the carpets, polish the furniture, polish and freshen up the home decors to lift the drab that had settled in.


Splash colors in your home. Add rugs and cushions coordinated with the color of your walls. Put framed pictures of yourself and your family on the walls and tabletops. Flower arrangements work wonder to brighten up a home. You can replace a piece of furniture if you feel like. A new backsplash at your kitchen will certainly light it up. Go for a new tile installation if the bathroom flooring looks too stained. You can also think about a mosaic tile mural on the living room wall or at the outdoor patio.


Use seasonal colors for your home decoration. The bright reds, greens and the glitters of gold and silver ornaments at strategic places would make your home look ready for the New Year. Do not go over the board with the decoration and make it look clumsy though.

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