Easy Steps To Install Shower Tiles

Once the old tiles in your bathroom are demolished, you can hire a professional to install a shower membrane and pan that fits into the space you have. Before the tiles are set, measurements are taken to decide how the tiles will be laid out.

  1. First a design layout is made in “panels,” or increments of three rows
  2. Next, the panels are dry laid with the decorative mosaic borders, if any, to see the way it will look vertically on the wall. After dry laying, the best place is determined to start setting tiles from the bottom up.
  3. Ensure panels go in straight and level by using a starter board or a straight edge. To prevent tiles from sliding down after setting them, use a thinset mortar by pushing the tiles evenly into the thinset. Spacers can be used to hold tiles in place while they dry.
  4. Panels that are dry laid and measured are set the same way as for the back wall, using the starter board.
  5. Once the panels are set and done, the tiles that need to be marked for cutting are pencil marked. To prevent the tiles from breaking or splitting a saw that is wet is used.
  6. The cut pieces should have a straight edge, which can be softened with a sanding stone. Using a thinset, the pieces are lined up straight along the outside edge.
  7. The mosaic or decorative borders are finally set in the end.
  8. Setting the shower floor after the walls are done comes next. This process is nearly the same as setting tiles on the walls, remembering to mark the tiles where it needs to be cut.

So, what are you waiting for? Hire a professional shower installer today and ensure your pleasure in the years to come.

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