Why Choose Porcelain Tile?

Porcelain is derived from the word Porcelain. It is made by heating clay with temperature ranging from 1000 degree Celsius. Porcelain is very hard and durable compare to other tiles , at the same time it is scratch resistant compare to the ceramic tiles. Wide range of designs are available in porcelain tiles such as animal prints, leather, fabric etc.

Following are some tips for choosing a Porcelain tile :

  • Porcelain tiles are not very good for cold weather climates . It absorbs less moisture so it might lead to cracking . They are stain resistant too compared to other tiles.
  • These kind of tiles cannot withstand high pressure, so it is not suitable for kitchen flooring.
  • There are two varieties of porcelain tile available in the market
  • a. Thorough Bodied– These kind of flooring is suitable for countertop, floor and walls. These tiles don’t have a glazy texture so one need not to worry about losing its glaze. They have their original color
    b. Glazed– These kind of tiles are hard finish which typically has a wide range of colors. One can choose according to their own taste and style.

  • Porcelain tiles are very easy to maintain because it is less porus. Just regular mopping, cleaning with wet wipes will do. No extra care is needed. But one should not use any steel wool or any kind of abrasive cleaning material can damage the surface. Even steam mop can be used.
  • These kind of tiles should be installed in a flat surface . It can be installed on existing tile if it is in good condition or on a plywood. However it is difficult to cut edges of the porcelain if you want any kind of shape. For do it yourself installer it might be a difficult task to do it. There are various porcelain tile flooring services available in the market. Choose one which has got good track record and experience. At the same time it will suit your budget.
  • Porcelain cost more in compare to ceramic tiles because of its durability and other features.
  • Porcelain tiles are anti allergen. It restricts the growth of bacteria and promotes health.
  • Porcelain should be installed by professionals If you do it yourself than it might be difficult for you to install it correctly. There are various installation agencies , you can contact them.
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