All About Mosaic Flooring

Mosaic is a form of art that involves glass, stones and fragments of other materials form a shape or pattern.Any tile of the size of less than two inches,is a mosaic tile.

In early civilizations, mosaic were generally used to pave footpaths.The high durability of a mosaic tile is the reason behind it. The oldest known mosaic tiles can be dated back to 8 BC. The Greeks then developed the art further, followed by the Persian, Mesopotamian, Egyptian and other civilizations that grew up.The Romans,escalated mosaic uses from floors to the walls. Gradually mosaic art spread all over the world and were used to adorn many great buildings and artifacts of all times.

Even today, mosaic tile is hugely popular as a flooring option. It can be used for a single color uniformed floor or in designed patterns to complement the color,furniture and fixtures of a home.

Mosaic tile can be made from porcelain, glass, wood or stone. The most usual shape of mosaic tile used for flooring is square, but they can be cut to other shapes like round or triangles.

Glazed or unglazed porcelain mosaic tiles are generally used for flooring.

Stone or Pebbled mosaic tiles are used for outdoor flooring, and or for bathrooms.

Wooden mosaics are custom designed for specific areas.

Porcelain mosaic tiles are chosen for their strength and durability.
Glass and ceramic tiles are not as strong and should be used where there is medium footfall, like in residences.

Due to the numerous grout lines between the tiles, mosaic flooring are usually not very slippery when wet, so can lend to the aesthetic beauty of a well adorned bathroom or a pool area.

Mosaic hardwood flooring enhances a home considerably but can be very expensive.

While deciding on the material of your mosaic tile consider the decor of the residence or commercial area that needs the flooring, the traffic, the cost and personal imagination.

For bathrooms, porcelain, ceramic and glass are commonly chosen over others.

Pebble or stone mosaics can be mixed and matched with other kinds of materials to create a design.

And hardwood mosaic flooring, durable and attractive is suitable for reception areas or lobbies

Mosaic flooring highly durable and is well worth its cost. Murals
and landscaping with mosaics can last decades and increase the value of a house considerably. After the initial tile installation regular easy cleaning and proper reparation makes mosaic flooring an easy to maintain, good flooring option.

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