Questions To Ask Before Buying Right Laminate Floor

Looking for the most suitable laminate flooring installation for your home can become very challenging. You may have found choosing from the different textures, colors, plank sizes, grains and prices on offer to be a daunting task.

The reasons why laminate flooring is so popular are many. Laminate floors combine beauty of timber or hardwood with the practicality and durability of modern technology. Laminate flooring is not glued, but uses a simple joining system, which connects the boards to one another. The best joining are seen in those systems that are easy to install and have a gap-free finish.

What are you looking for in a Laminate Floor?

Do you look to get the true value of your laminate? Is it your value for money that is the litmus test which is the most important factor for you?

You should look at the value of the laminate you buy –Ticking boxes for quality, value, looks, longevity and durability will help you make the right decision and get the best value for your money. In short, before you buy a laminate flooring package, look at the full package before making a final decision.

What warranties are offered?

Warranties are very important when you buy a laminate. Long term warranties give you peace of mind, but at the same time they may become void by default due to moisture. So be alert and look closely at your supplier’s warranty conditions.

How moisture resistant is the product?

Moisture is a natural enemy of any laminate floor. Moisture resistance in laminate floors is determined by its HDF core. The harder this core is, the better the laminate floor quality is.

Is the product reputable?

How long has the product been sold in the market? Are the reviews or customer feedback good? A reputed laminate company has testimonials and better customer reviews and is more attractive than a new company that could wind up being less reliable.

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