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A Brief Overview Flooring

Flooring: a brief overview

A home needs walls, a roof and a floor. Starting from simple dirt floors in caves to the advanced flooring types we see today - there’s been a massive improvement.

A Bit About Flooring


Some Hardwood Flooring Facts

Planning to replace the flooring of your home? Have you considered hardwood flooring? Recent trends show installation of hardwood flooring as one of the popular options. There are multitudinous benefits of installing hardwood flooring which we wil....

High Traffic Area Flooring

When you are considering flooring in “high traffic areas” it would certainly mean the choice you would make where there is the highest footfall during a particular period of time, not vehicular traffic. It can be at your home, office or busine....

Eco Friendly Flooring Ideas

In a home, the term “environmentally friendly” has two layers . The first has to do with the health effects of having the right stuff in your house. It includes avoiding the VOC spewing equipments and other harmful chemicals, dust and various ....

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