Different Pattern Types of Ceramic Floor Tiles

If you are a home owner and have made plans to remodel your kitchen at some point, you will know that your first instinct is to choose the most common flooring tile layout: The common choice is a standard 4-1/4 inch square ceramic tile laid out in a simple grid pattern.

There are many tradesmen expert in layouts and ceramic tile installation in Florida, who can give your kitchen flooring great finishes by giving . There are various tiling layouts you can choose from and you should consider them before you get stuck with a pattern that you don’t really like.

First, give a little consideration to the aesthetics of the whole room that will add a lot of extra interest, and not just focus on the looks of the tiles. Here are a few simple suggestions, that are very versatile and practical to use.

Diamond Pattern– Ask a professional worker to make sure that the grout lines run at a 45 degree angle instead – it may be a very small tweak, but it makes a big difference visually to give this attractive ceramic tile layout.

Random Pattern- If you are seeking an end product that will be absolutely stunning and rather unique, this ceramic tile layout does need some careful planning. They are laid out altogether like a big jigsaw puzzle, so they’re a bit tricky and time consuming but create an amazing finish!

Herringbone Pattern–For this effect on your new floor tiles you will need to buy and install rectangular tiles and give a layout in a zig-zag pattern This is great for large rooms with plenty of floor space – like a big kitchen!

Pinwheel Pattern – For spaces that are much smaller, tiling with a pinwheel pattern adds a lot of extra flooring effect. The pinwheel idea involves surrounding a basic square tile with four complementary rectangular tiles, in a repeated pattern across the whole floor. This creates a dramatic affect.

So the next time you go in search of ceramic tile installation in Florida or plan to remodel your home, give you kitchen floors a new look with pretty patterns. Ask your tradesman or expert in flooring layouts to give your ceramic tile flooring a great finish, with any of the above patterns and more combinations of the patterns which you can dream up.

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