Ceramic Tile Installation

Tiles are available in a variety of materials. Ceramic Tile is one of the most commonly used tiles that are available in the market today. These tiles are made from a mix of sand, clay and other natural items. Ceramic tiles offer a wide range of merits like stain-proof, resistant to moisture, easy to clean & hygienic, hard-wearing, does not need refinishing, no need to do sealing or waxing, and is available in a variety of colors, styles and shape.

Ceramic tiles give a vintage look to your home and they are usually preferred by several people as they are both easy to maintain and look elegant. Ceramic flooring can be employed in several types of environments as people need not worry about constraints like design, stains and water. Here are some of the merits of using ceramic tiles for your home’s flooring that are discussed below:-

  • Water resistance – There is a protective layer that covers your glazed ceramic flooring tile ensuring that water and stain do not penetrate into the material through the layer. These tiles are also resistant to the damages caused by humid weather. It is because of this feature that ceramic tiles are preferred in kitchens or bathrooms in your house.
  • Durability – Ceramic tiles are quite tough and are thus difficult to crack. If a quality installation is carried out, it can last for up to two decades with proper maintenance. Even if a single ceramic tile cracks, replacing such a tile is a simple process.
  • Proper maintenance – Ceramic tiles are relatively simple to maintain. This because liquids, stains and dirt accumulate on the outer surface that can be easily mopped or wiped. Regular maintenance of such tiles would only mean vacuuming or sweeping the tiles with the help of a soft brush attachment so that the floor is devoid of loose debris and dirt. Even if stains occur on such floors heavy duty floor cleaners can be used without thinking about the material getting damaged.
  • Design options – Ceramic tiles can be printed in various manners. The ceramic tiles can be cut into different shapes like planks, rectangles and triangles.
  • If you are living in and around Florida, and are looking for ceramic tile installation services Florida make sure that you are selecting the right tiles installation provider. KG Marbles Designs Inc. has established a name for itself in Florida with highly trained manpower that have all the latest gadgets that are required to do high quality ceramic tile installations at competitive rates.

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