Ceramic Tiles Vs Porcelain Tiles: An Infographic

Choosing the right tile for your home can be difficult sometimes. It is the reflection of your home and your lifestyle. There are different types of tiles, every tile has their own style and characteristics. They can be used in different spaces.

There is a huge difference between Ceramic tiles and Porcelain tiles. After understanding that, you have to choose the right tile for your floors, walls and accents. We offer a variety of options for tile flooring in Palm Beach, Martin County, Broward County, Jacksonville, Boca Raton, Rockledge, Ft. Lauderdale & Miami. We can also choose the right fit for your floors, walls etc.
Check out the infographic below to know the difference between Ceramic tiles and Porcelain tiles and help other homeowners make this big decision by sharing this information.
Ceramic Tiles Vs Porcelain Tiles

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