Choosing A Floor For Your Kitchen

If you are a serious cook and plan to spend hours standing at your kitchen counter, you need to put serious thoughts about the surface you would be standing on. Cushioning your feet is a important while choosing the flooring of your kitchen.
Brick and ceramic are durable but hard to stand on , go for wood, cork, vinyl and laminated flooring instead.

Learn About the Pros and Cons of Laminated Flooring Advantages

  • Laminate Flooring has durability and is much stronger, more scratch-resistant durable than the other kinds of kitchen flooring.
  • Easy installation. Laminate flooring installation is a lot easier, than other hardwood, cork or vinyl floors. The boards are designed to interlock ,making them easier to install. Laminate can be “floated” over the existing floors, saving installation time over other types of flooring
  • Economical. This type of flooring is relatively less expensive than the flooring options available, and they come in a wider price range to fit in any budget.
  • Wide Choice of Quality and Variety of Styles. You can customize your laminate flooring to your exact choice. Laminate flooring are sold in a wide variety of finishes like, wood, stone and tile All of these are available in different colors, textures,withstand plank styles.
  • Easy to maintain. Other than the regular dusting and mopping , laminated flooring does not require much to work on. With simple preventive measures tear and scratches can be avoided
  • Warrantied. All laminated flooring comes with a warranty against wear, staining and fading. The manufacture will repair or replace any damages free of cost, if a damage occurs.
  • Environment Friendly. Since laminate is made from paper , manufacturing laminates does not involve the harvesting of woods . Unlike carpets, laminate does not breed significant allergens that can affect air quality. And when a laminate floor is replaced, it can be destroyed it does not emit any toxic fumes.

  • Disadvantages

    • Laminate flooring are moisture resistant but not waterproof. The well-sealed, protected wear layer of laminates can tolerate damp mopping, but if not dried properly moisture seeps underneath the surface layer, and swelling can ruin your floor.
    • Laminate can look like wood but is not wood, so if your are looking for the comfort of wood finish under your feet, laminated flooring can not be the right choice.
      • Laminates and vinyl are good choices for your kitchen if you’re after a themed or bright contemporary look to match your cabinets.

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