Common Hardwood Flooring Problems

Hardwood flooring has numerous benefits, like:

  • Easy cleaning
  • High durability
  • Protection against allergens
  • Variety of color and texture
  • Insulating properties
  • Appreciating the value of property
  • Lending of charm and elegance

Despite of these benefits hardwood flooring face some problems too.

The common causes of hardwood flooring problems are as follows:

Water damage

Water or moisture is the biggest enemy of wooden flooring. Wood is a porous material. It can suck in water like a sponge through the tiny holes on its surface. The seepage of water or moisture in the wood cause it to swell and when the moisture dries the wood gets back to its own shape. Recurrent swelling and shrinkage weakens the hardwood flooring and can crack it. Proper maintenance and professional advice may be required to avoid this problem.

Pest damage

Many household pests are attracted to wooden flooring and can cause serious problems. Hardwood floorings are breeding nests of termites , who feed on wood and hard to are hard to detect.More often termites are only detected when the damage has already been done. Rodents like mice chew on to wood, and leave ugly stains on the flooring by defecating on it. Install meshes at entrances to keep away these unwanted guests and call for a pest control if you detect any.

Improper Installation

The surface for installation of wooden flooring should be strictly smoothened before installation. Proper prepping is required. Any gaps on your hardwood flooring suggest that there are moisture seepages and that can be a serious flooring problem. Also, if the moisture reading of your locality is high, it would be unwise to opt for wood, without proper and prior protection. You can ask for the help of professional flooring experts to solve any such wooden floor problem.

Improper maintenance

Wooden flooring needs care. It endures a lot of wear and tear throughout days and years and can be damaged by various activities.

It is vulnerable to get
Stained and Fade

Placing rubber protectors beneath the furniture legs can prevent the floor from being scratched.Placing mats at entrances can prevent dust and dirt scratches.

Every spill should be attended promptly to avoid your hardwood flooring from losing its beauty.

The flooring should be guarded from the direct rays of the sun, by drapes and curtains, so that the color does not fade.

Keep a guard for these common hardwood flooring problems and with proper cure and maintenance enjoy the warmth of your wooden floor for the years to come.

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