Eco Friendly Flooring Ideas

In a home, the term “environmentally friendly” has two layers . The first has to do with the health effects of having the right stuff in your house. It includes avoiding the VOC spewing equipments and other harmful chemicals, dust and various allergens.The second is doing our part to save what’s left of Earth.

Flooring, takes up so much space in your house, its effect on both the inner and outer environments should be given a thought, the most popular being the worst offenders: hardwood and carpeting. But there are alternatives that are friendly both to the environment and to you, without letting go of design, comfort or too much money.

We will discuss advantages of using Cork Flooring its contribution towards protecting the environment.


If you’re looking for warm and soft flooring think cork. Smooth and soft like leather, it has insulating qualities of carpet; the easy-to-maintain surface of wood or tile; plus luxurious aesthetic appeal from its colors and rich visual texture.

The advantages of Cork Flooring are:

  • Due to its soft and yielding feel, cork floorings are recommended for areas which require long standing time, like the kitchen or a child’s playroom.
  • Smooth surface of the flooring makes it suitable for the children and the elderly, hard falls and hard injuries can be avoided in case of trip and fall.
  • Insulating properties. The air chambers in corks act as barriers from noise to travel through them, thus preventing noise transmission up through the ceiling . It also keeps out unwanted heat in summer and cold in winter, thus saving on your electricity bills.
  • Hypoallergenic. Unlike carpets cork repel dust, dirt or hair, thereby making the indoor air more healthy.
  • Eco friendly Cork has innumerable green characteristics. It is acquired by stripping the outer bark from the cork oak tree. Regular harvesting does not harm the tree and the bark grows back on the trees gradually to be stripped again every nine years. The trees live for 200 years or so, and the forests are passed down through generations of families in the cork-producing business. Floorings are recycled to manufacture wine corks, and sport shoe soles and thus there is little waste.

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