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If getting a cost effective makeover for your home is in your plan, try contacting K.G. Marble Designs. We offer the most varied floor designs and options that can give your home a newer and fresher look at very economical rates.

We are a team of most efficient flooring contractors in Broward County. Contact us to find out the best option for your home, that has low maintenance, easy to install and yet is attractive enough to enhance the value of your property.

At KG Marble Designs, we keep our team trained and equipped with the latest tools and techniques for flooring services. We have the reputation of being the best tile installers Broward County. Committed in their tasks, our craftsmen see to it that all our clients are satisfied thoroughly before leaving their premises.

Some of the flooring options that KG Marble Designs has for you in Broward County are:

  • Laminate Flooring
  • Glass Tile Flooring
  • Hardwood Flooring
  • Limestone Tile Flooring and other types of flooring as well

Apart from residential flooring services, KG Marble Designs has provisions for efficient Commercial Flooring as well.

The benefits of hiring KG Marble Designs for residential or commercial flooring services in Broward County are:

We are honest- KG Marble Designs likes to keep everything clear. After you call us for consultation, we send our team for assessment of the scope of work at your site. They have the efficiency to understand your needs, assess the requirements and suggest ideas that would be best suited for your premise. After consultation, they provide with a clear estimate of the job. It contains detailed cost and material requirement that is required and also the estimated time of completion. We only start after your approval. You can be assured that none of the cost is kept hidden.

We are affordable- Nothing comes cheap, neither do we. We do not promise you the cheapest rates, but we assure that you will get back the value that you spend from our service.

We are prompt- All our calls are attended promptly. No matter the size of the project we handle all with equal ease.

We are accurate- Assessment of the area to be floored, the amount of material required, amount of labour required, the amount of time required- our experience has enabled us to achieve this accuracy. We ensure no wastage of your money.

For any kind of flooring contact KG Marble Designs, the best laminated, hardwood or tile flooring company Broward County.

Our contact details are:
Phone: 561-601-6653/561-251-6337
Email: info@kgmarbledesigns.com

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