How To Install Ceramic Tile Cost Effectively

Installing a ceramic tile floor may appear to be daunting for some homeowners, but if it is planned and done with patience it can be a DIY task, while cutting down on the cost of hiring professional help. The tools and machines can be rented and the materials are easy to work with.

The Tips For Laying a Ceramic Tiled Flooring:

  • Measure the room.
  • Cut the cement board according to the measurement ,for the sub-surface.
  • Once the cement boards are ready , lay them out on the floor, make sure they are snugly fitted against one another.
  • Using screw-guns and electric drills, secure the cement board with screws.
  • Mark the center of the room by intersecting two lines and then marking the center portion.
  • The patterned ceramic tiles come with rubber ‘dots’ on their underside to act as spacers for grout lines. The rubber dots allows easy cuts through individual pieces. Try and lay out as many full sheets as possible
  • Starting from the center, lift the tiles , spread the adhesive, preferably as thick as the tile and spread fast without letting it dry.
  • Set the tiles on the adhesive and press firmly, lay out the next sheet of tile and repeat.
  • Cover the entire center of the room before working over the perimeter.
  • Starting from the doors work around the perimeter of the room, measuring and cutting tiles as needed.
  • Use a wet saw to cut the tiles, it uses water so that the tile does not get too hot while cutting. Flip the tiles and clip the rubber dots.
  • Prepare the grout, keep it in a creamy consistency so that it is easy to spread.
    Apply grout onto the tiles then spread it with a rubber float.
  • Set it for few minutes then wipe with a damp sponge.
  • After the grout hardens, wipe off and polish the tiles with a dry cloth.

Tips to Lower Cost of Tile Installation

  1. Choose the economical size of tiles for the tile field.
  2. Avoid smaller or irregular sizes which can be more expensive.
  3. Mix together cheaper or more plain tiles with expensive tiles.
  4. Natural stones can be placed in ceramic areas to create highlights that are easily visible.
  5. Create a design by mixing a variety of colors, if your budget permits only ceramic tiles.

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