Why Limestone Flooring is Important For Kitchens?

Are you looking for a durable yet modern kitchen flooring option?

Then you must consider limestone flooring as your number one choice. Limestone is ideal for its hardness, low porosity and eye catching features. It is very durable and uses oil resistant properties. Available in pastel and neutral colors and delicately patterned, limestone makes a great choice for modern kitchen flooring and design. Well-sealed limestone prevents staining and maintains its honed look.

Pros of Limestone Flooring For Kitchens:

  • It is a softer stone than others like granite
  • It has a non-slip surface
  • It can withstand every atmospheric condition from very cold, very hot and wet
  • It is highly durable and good looking
  • It can be maintained easily because it prevents staining
  • It comes in wide choice of colors including soft and subtle colors

Limestone flooring has been around for over thousands of years now. This stone is made of calcite, calcium carbonate, sea shells, even fossils and bones of dinosaurs. This is the reason limestone reacts to acidic substances, such as vinegar, lemon juice and wine.

Limestone is surprisingly very soft. In fact it’s softer than granite and limestone makes the best choice for kitchen flooring due to its non-slip surface.

Why Does Limestone Come In Different Colors?

Limestone comes in various colors due to impurities present in it. It contains minerals like iron oxide, sand, clay and others. Limestone kitchen flooring comes in colors, such as white, brown, gray, yellow as well as dark colors.
Most people as well as designers prefer limestone flooring due to its soft and subtle colors. If you choose white or off-white hues, you will need to install pure limestone flooring in your kitchen.

Why Is Limestone Popular?

There are different types of limestone kitchen flooring finishes, almost all of which have polished, brushed and water worn limestone tiles.

Limestone varies in hardness and porosity from one stone to another. Some are harder and more dense and these can be polished to a glossy finish. The softer the limestone is the less glossy is the shine.

It is worth mentioning here that limestone is a favorite choice among architects the world over. North America and Europe has seen a wide application of limestone for making various public buildings, such as train stations, banks old structures built in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Use limestone to build character into your kitchen. Limestone flooringcan effectively add a unique modern style for any residential kitchen. Limestone countertops are also practical, affordable and great to look at.

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