Marble vs Granite Tile Flooring

Natural flooring is always good for your house. The choice between marble and granite tile flooring depends on the choice and aesthetics effects one would want in their house. Both these materials are natural and different from each other. Choose the flooring according to your need and budget.

Following are some tips that will help you to choose between Marble and Granite Flooring:

  • The beauty of marble is classic and timeless. Marble comes in natural colors and it is suitable for ornamental flooring, bathroom including shower wall. Marble is very delicate and it is more prone to staining if any kind of accidental spillages occurs. It is softer and more suitable in areas which have less traffic. In this kind of flooring it needs regular polishing to maintain its shine.

    Granite is made with molten magma. It is much more durable compare to marble in terms of scratches, spillages etc. It is available in various colors and patterns. It’s shine doesn’t get lost for a long time. It is good for kitchen flooring as it can withstand heavy traffic. It is much more resilient compare to granite.
  • In terms of maintenance marble needs more than granite. If there is any kind of spillages and if it is not cleared it will leave behind a stain which will become difficult to remove. If any kind of acidic component falls in the marble flooring it can have a permanent damage.

    Granite tile flooring is easier to maintain compare to marble. Its stain resistant. Regular cleaning with sponge and detergent will do. There are various cleaning agent available in the market suitable for granite flooring you can clean it once a week.
  • The installation of granite and marble tile is similar. The most important thing is to determine the layout of the tiles for the perfect fitting. There are various tile installation services for eg Florida installation service to name a few. Contact them and they will give you a proper budget after a thorough inspection.
  • These natural stones are made with radioactive elements like thorium, radium, uranium in small quantities. Over the years these flooring may release some gases which can be harmful for health. Though it depends on the composition. It is advisable to do a good research before doing the flooring. It is important to get in touch with reputable floor dealer who will give you the proper guidance.

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