New Trends In Commercial Flooring

For offices, factories having durable and strong flooring are necessary. There are various kinds of flooring available in the market. Choose the one which is trending and a great value for money.

Following are some new trends which are gaining popularity in commercial flooring:

Luxary Vinyle Tile :

This kind of tile is very popular these days because of its durability. These are available in variety of textures and colors. These tiles are used in hospitals, hotels and other commercial places. At the same it is cost effective and scratch resistant. It is extremely suitable for high trafficked areas.

Carpet Tile:

It is one of the oldest tiles which being used till today. It is still considered as the trendiest tiles amongst the interior designers. Earlier it was available in certain colors but now it can be available in trendy color combinations. These tiles can be installed very easily in short span of time. It is not expensive and a very low maintenance is required.

Rubber Tile :

For commercial flooring this kind of tiles are also very popular. These tiles are strong and easy to maintain. Now-a-days textured kind of rubber is available which can give new dimension to the office. Though it is expensive but its longevity is long.

Bio Tile:

More and more companies are going for tiles which are environment friendly. Because of the global warming tiles made from recycled products not only gives your office an eco-friendly environment, but at the same time you are also contributing something to the society.

  • Office flooring doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Interior decorators are coming with trendiest ideas that will give a new dimension and at the same time it breaks the monotony. Research is shown that quality of work among the employees gets improved if your office interiors are good.
  • Among all these carpet tile is gaining popularity . Its easy to maintain and lot of creativity can be put in the tiles. It is easily available and can be installed in less time. Because of this it has become a favourite option among the multinational companies.
  • Schools and healthcare are going for luxary vinyle tile flooring as it is good for high trafficked areas. Most importantly it looks less formal. According to Julia Pierce, director of commercial product marketing and design for Armstrong, says hospitals and clinics centers are mixing and matching LVT designs in lobbies, while schools are putting down wood-look LVT in the corridors. “It looks less institutional,” says Pierce. –

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