Reasons For Choosing Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tile is one of the many options while deciding on a new floor.With its style and presentation, a tiled floor can enhance the value of a house and impress potential customers. Styling with ceramic tile is suitable for any kind of homes, whether contemporary or colonial. Ceramic tile can be used in any kind of setting, from bathrooms to kitchens and lounges to bedrooms. You need to find out the reasons that sets it apart from the other types of flooring to choose it.

Benefits of Ceramic Tile

Environmentally friendly – Ceramic tile is not made from anything chemical or artificial. It is manufactured by mixing a combination or clay, sand ,glass with other recycled materials. Manufacturing and disposing of ceramic tiles do not let off any gas that is harmful to nature, and thus the tile can be called environment friendly. Ceramic tile can keep your homes cooler in summer and warmer in winters and therefore can cut down on your electricity bills too.

Low maintenance – Ceramic tile is easy to take care of as it is dust, stain and odor resistant. After installation of the tile, just simple sweeping and washing can keep it going for years. If the grouts get dirtier than your comfort , a simple, easy to use grout cleaner can help you to get the dirt off.

Cost – Though the initial tile installation cost is high,considering the durability of the flooring and the low maintenance cost , it becomes clear that ceramic tile overall offers the best value in the long run.

Installation variety – Apart from being used as a flooring tile, ceramic can be applied any where your imagination can take it . Backsplashes, murals and countertops can all be tiled according to your creativity.

Color and texture options – There are literally unlimited variety of ceramic tiles around the world. The shapes, colors, textures and finishes are endless and each is suited with qualities to match the areas they are to be installed. For example, matte finished tiles are suitable for outdoor installation and in area of high traffic.

Increases your home value – Ceramic tile adds on to the value of the house. When appraised the houses with ceramic flooring will have an added benefit over a general one.

Reduces household allergens – Homes with ceramic floor tiles have less dust in the air,unlike those with carpets and rugs ,making the air much healthier and allergens free. This is a boon for those who suffer from dust-allergies.

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