Reasons To Avoid Sealing Ceramic Floors

Why is sealing you ceramic floor tiles almost always a bad idea?

Many people try to seal their ceramic floors, but very few succeed. The same problems come up again and again. It is important to remember that floor sealing is not an adequate substitute for good tile selection. A sealed ceramic floor tile is harder to clean and maintain than the bare tile itself.

Are you planning to seal your ceramic floor tiles, instead of remodeling your kitchen by choosing new tiles? Then consider these reasons:
1. Difficult to Clean: Floor sealing is not the best solution if you always want a clean kitchen floor. You will need to take professional cleaning services.

2. Non-slip Floors: We do not recommend sealing your ceramic tiles for non-slip floors. Cleaning the floors after sealing may create a new problems.

3. Staining: Authentic ceramic flooring does not stain, hence sealing will not improve stain protection.

4. Damage: Ceramic floor tiles are resistant to damage. All seals are softer than the actual ceramic tile, so a sealed surface will damage quicker.

5. Not long-lasting: Sealers or coatings do not stick to ceramic floor tiles well. The are likely to peel or wear away in a few months.

6. Maintenance: Floor sealer coatings are softer and therefore need more frequent care. They are more affected by spills, traffic and wear and tear.

There a few pros to ceramic tiles; they are attractive and affordable.

Ceramic tile is a safe bet for nearly any style and budget. There are many color, size, shape and pattern choices to choose from, so you can create the look that suits your tastes, whether you prefer a modern, traditional or country style.
Cost: $3 to $8 per square foot (excluding installation).

However, they can be hard and unpleasant to stand on for long periods of time, but this can be solved with cushioned mats. Ceramic tiles could crack and it is almost sure to shatter glass that drops on it.

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