Some Hardwood Flooring Facts

Planning to replace the flooring of your home? Have you considered hardwood flooring? Recent trends show installation of hardwood flooring as one of the popular options. There are multitudinous benefits of installing hardwood flooring which we will discuss in this article.

The Benefits of Hardwood Flooring

Lasting – Hardwood floors last for decades. Unlike carpets, which are prone to stains and tear , and can last up to ten years, hardwood floors, with a minimal maintenance programme look better with years.

Easy to clean and Healthy– If you have pets and children at home, streaming in through the door with mud stains, hardwood flooring would certainly a better option over carpets. A simple brush, vacuum or plain mopping will leave your floor clean . As for health and hygiene, carpets hide allergen producing dust mites and fleas and also collect a huge amount of dust, which turns to be a nightmare for people prone to allergy. A floor from wood eliminates this saving you money and extreme discomfort.

Freshness – A home with hardwood flooring will not smell like yesterday’s onion soup that your daughter spilled, or like the cat or the dog you own. Unlike carpets, wooden floors, do not retain odors. The fresh smell of polished wood would make your home more inviting instead.

Insulation – Wooden floor is a great way to reduce your heating bill. Hardwood provides a great medium to install under-floor heating, which these days is considered by far the most efficient way to heat your house.

Increase in House Value – Wood’s appeal is century old and is not about to change , in fact wood is more popular now than ever. A home having a hardwood flooring, suggesting elegance and class, rises its price, while selling it.

Cost effective -While comparing the durability, appearance, and return on investment, hardwood flooring is unbelievably cost effective as compared to the other forms of flooring.

While deciding on a timber floor,points to be considered are color, grade, board widths and finish, as per availability. No two trees are same, no shade card can provide accurate feel of texture and color of the wood.

Few Common Timber Species are :

Australian Beech
Cypress Pine
French Oak
Red Mahogany
New England Oak and some more

Hardwood flooring can also be recycled to make Toys, Decor objects, Furniture and Cabinets.

So what are you waiting for, thinking about home flooring?

Say, “Timber!!”

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