Things To Know Before Tackling A Shower Tile Installation

Shower tile installation can be a quite a challenging task to install as it requires higher precision. While installing the tiles it needs higher detailing for achieving the drainage system and meeting other requirements.

Here are some tips that you should know before tackling a shower installation

Installation requirements :

During early times the installers had a tough time while installing the tiles. For waterproofing showers thick layers of tar were used to be applied for leak prevention. This is called hot mop. Still this technique is used while the installers have more varieties. Now a days it is placed below the surface of the tile for bonding bonding with the membranes.

The waterproofing technique which you are selecting should be aware of all the do’s and don’ts as guided by the by the installation service department. If you don’t follow the rules and regulations it will result in uncalled expenditure.

Check on the waterproof before and after :

Most important thing is to check the tiles after and before the tile is installed. Shower tile installation services sometimes make mistakes. But it is the owner’s duty to check it finally. If there is any kind of fault detected it should be corrected immediately.

Use Compatible materials:

Selecting proper material s for setting the tiles is very important . Choose the material which will work equally with the tile and the waterproofing system. For eg: Mastic is not compatible to the system. It is advisable to use the same materials given by the manufacturer. Linear drains have lot of advantages, it gives the designer more options and also large tiles can be put on the shower floors.

Assure Mortar coverage :

Dot method technique should be strictly avoided. The installation service provide use this to save time. They put globs behind the tile and gradually spread it with the help of a trawler. This gives a uneven finish which look bad. 95-100% mortar coverage is mandatory in wet areas.

Use 100 % Silicon Caulk and grout :

Many owners are using 100% silicon caulk as it very flexible and prevent any type of cracking. Grouts are also used by the owners as it low in absorption and do not require any sealing.

Give some time to set :

Don’t use the bathroom immediately after installation to avoid any kind of mishap.

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