Tips To Maintain Your Floors

Once your flooring installation is complete, it needs a final clean before you start moving in with your furniture.

For laminated flooring and wood flooring brush off any remaining dirt or dust and wipe with a dry cloth to remove the last little bits.

For tile and marble flooring, again a brush and mop with water and then drying would do it. Now you are ready to move in.

Let us now discuss the points that each different kind of flooring needs for maintenance.

Marble Flooring

Daily regime : Place rugs and mats with waterproof backings at entrances to catch dust, water and ice-melting salts. Regularly mop the floors to prevent getting them dusty and quickly blot spills from getting absorbed on the surface and staining it.

Periodical care: Appoint professional service provider for maintaining your stone floor.
Periodical polishing will help in maintaining the luster and prevent deterioration.If they are scratched,grimy or is discolored by build-up of wax or sealers, the natural color can be restored by sanding and chemical stripping.

Laminated Flooring

Daily Regime : Put protectors under chair and table legs to prevent scratching. Place floor mat at all entrances to pick up dirt.

Vacuum and dust mop regularly to keep the floor dust and dirt free.Use a neutral cleaner and a clean light-colored cloth to remove stains.

Professional care :If your laminated flooring gets scratched, buy a touch up stick from the manufacturer, the repaired area blends well with the rest of the floor.

If the damage is more severe, get a trained professional to replace a plank.

Tiled Flooring

Daily Regime :Dirt can scratch tiled flooring easily so it’s important to keep your floor clean by regularly sweeping or vacuuming it. Use a diluted, mild detergent to wipe your floor, a great cleaning solution, especially for greasy floors, is a mix of distilled white vinegar and warm water.

Professional Care: Go for strip and wax if your flooring gets discolored, and replace your broken tiles with professional aid, to get better results.

Hardwood Flooring

Daily Regime: Place mats at doorsteps to collect muck and dirt.first dust the floor with a mop to pick up dust, dirt, and pet hair that might scratch the floor surface. Go for weekly or biweekly vacuum cleaning, remove spills and wipe with wet cloth to avoid stains.

Professional Care: Get your floor cleaned, stripped and waxed by professionals after every 6 years to maintain the color of your wooden floor.

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